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Strata - 350amp Mig Welder | Welding Machine

by Strata
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State of the art synergies technology with full operational controls on the remote wire feeder make these models a breeze to operate. Rich in features including a 4 roll wire feeder and integrated protection systems mean these 3 phase machines are top of the class in performance, reliability and user satisfaction. Designed for rugged heavy work day in and day out.

  • Intelligent digital wire feeder with all MIG controls and display located on wire feeder control panel
  • Digital microprocessor control system for superior & dynamic arc characteristics
  • Optional Integrated heavy duty industrial trolley with storage compartment option
  • Optional extended 10m interconnect cable
  • Modular power source can be used individually for MMA, arc air gouging and lift TIG welding
  • Synergic mig operation for optimum welding results every time
  • Lift TIG operation with down slope and remote current control
  • MIG waveform (inductance) control for great arc control and smoother welding results
  • Damage resistant Industrial casing with front panel protection
  • Wire inching and gas purge control
  • Safe and simple set up and easy to use
  • Adjustable pre flow, post flow, burn back and soft start settings
  • 2T/4T trigger operation with crater control settings
  • Adjustable arc force, hot start & automatic anti stick control
  • Dual digital display meters for accurate pre setting and feedback of welding parameters & output
  • Power source wind tunnel cooling construction
  • Protection against environmental contamination.
Accessories/ Contents
  • 3m Interconnecting Cable,
  • 3m Earth Lead with HD earth clamp,
  • 4m MMA lead with HD twist lock electrode holder, Parweld PRO3600-40ER MIG Torch,
  • NZ/Australia Argon Gas Regulator,
  • NZ/ Australia Argon Regulator/CO2 Cylinder Adaptor, 
    Wire Drive Roller 0.8/0.9mm ‘v’ groove x2,
  • Wire Drive Roller 1.0/1.2mm ‘v’ groove x2, 
  • Wire Drive Roller 1.0/1.2mm flux cored x2
Power Source Dimensions 525x240x445mm
Weight 21kg
Wire Feeder Dimensions 600x290x480mm
Wire Feeder Weight 16kg
Trolley Dimensions 1050x440x1100mm
Trolley Weight 32kg
Storage Compartment Dimensions 620x240x290mm
Storage Compartment Weight 11kg
Complete Package Dimensions 1050x44x1450mm
Complete Package Weight 90kg
Input Power Supply 400V AC 3 Phase 32A 50/60Hz
Input Power Supply Tolerance +/- 10%
Maximum Input Current 22A
Generator Capacity 15KVA
Mig Output Voltage 10V - 35V
Mig Output Current 40A - 350A
MIG Duty Cycle 350A@60%,
Wire Feeding Speed 2.4 - 18m/min
MMA Current Output 40A - 350A
MMA O/C Voltage 67V
TIG Duty Cycle 350A@60%
TIG Current Output 40A-350A
TIG System Internal solenoid gas control, lift ignition
Insulation Class IP23
Standards EN60974-1:2012
MMA Rod Size 1.6-6.0mm
Warranty Commercial 12 month extends to 36 months with product registration
Power Efficiency 85%
Power Factor 0.95
MIG Drive Rollers Available  0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2mm V Groove, Knurled 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2mm, U Groove 0.8/1.0/1.2mm
MIG Wire spool Size  D200/D300 5KG/15KG