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58 Piece 3/8"Drive Socket Set Metric & AF

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SKU A13245

58 Piece 3/8"Drive Socket Set Metric & AF

Set Includes

  Product Code Size   Product Code Size
A14346 6mm A14462 22mm
A14347 7mm A14330 1/4
A14348 8mm A14331 5/16
A14349 9mm A14332 3/8
A14350 10mm A14333 7/16
A14351 11mm A14334 1/2
A14352 12mm A14335 9/16
A14353 13mm A14336 5/8
A14354 14mm A14337 11/16
A14355 15mm A14338 3/4
A14356 16mm A14339 13/16
A14357 17mm A14340 7/8
A14358 18mm A14435 3/8
A14359 19mm A14436 7/16
A14360 20mm A14437 1/2
A14361 21mm A14438 9/16
A14362 22mm A14439 5/8
A14448 8mm A14440 11/16
A14449 9mm A14441 3/4
A14450 10mm A14442 13/16
A14451 11mm NH38 3/8" DR Banjo Ratchet
A14452 12mm KC323 3/8" Dr Extensions
A14453 13mm KC326 3/8" Dr Extensions
A14454 14mm AKC300 3/8" DR Universal Joint
A14455 15mm AKC3814 3/8" F to 1/4" DR Adaptor
A14457 17mm AKC3812 3/8" F to 1/2" DR Adaptor
A14459 19mm AKC302 3/8" Flex Head
A14460 20mm AKC303 3/8" DR Spark Plug Sockets
A14461 21mm AKC304 3/8" DR Spark Plug Sockets

Standard and deep sockets. Packaged in a vacuum formed insert in a metal storage case. EVA schematic diagram with all contents listed in the lid. Vacuum formed insert printed with socket sizes and details.