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47 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket Set


47 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket Set

Product Code Size Product Code Size
A14420 4mm A14410-5 7/32
A14421 4.5mm A14411 1/4
A14422 5mm A14411-5 9/32
A14423 5.5mm A14412 5/16
A14424 6mm A14412-5 11/32
A14425 7mm A14413 3/8
A14426 8mm A14414     7/16
A14427 9mm A14415 1/2
A14428 10mm A14465 3/16
A14429 11mm A14466 7/32
A14430 12mm A14467 1/4
A14431 13mm A14468 9/32
A14432 14mm A14469 5/16
A14475 5mm A14470 3/8
A14476 6mm A14471 7/16
A14477 7mm A14472 1/2
A14478 8mm NH16 1/4" DR Banjo Ratchets
A14479 9mm A14721 1/4" DR Spinner Handle
A14480 10mm AKC405 1/4" DR Sliding T Bar
A14481 11mm AKC403 1/4" DR Extensions
A14482 12mm AKC406 1/4" DR Extensions
A14483 13mm AZDA114 1/4" DR Universal Joint
A14484 14mm AKC402 1/4" DR Flex Head Breaker Bar
A14410 3/16    

Standard and deep sockets. Packaged in a vacuum formed insert in a metal storage case. EVA schematic diagram with all contents listed in the lid. Vacuum formed insert printed with socket sizes and details

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