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37 Piece 3/8" Drive Socket Set Metric


37 Piece 3/8" Drive Socket Set Metric

Product Code Size Product Code Size
A14346 6mm A14450 10mm
A14347 7mm A14451 11mm
A14348 8mm A14452 12mm
A14349 9mm A14453 13mm
A14350 10mm A14454 14mm
A14351 11mm A14455 15mm
A14352 12mm A14457 17mm
A14353 13mm A14459 19mm
A14354 14mm A14460 20mm
A14355 15mm A14461 21mm
A14356 16mm A14462 22mm
A14357 17mm NH38 3/8" DR Banjo Ratchet
A14358 18mm KC323 3/8" Dr Extensions
A14359 19mm KC326 3/8" Dr Extensions
A14360 20mm AKC300 3/8" DR Universal Joint
A14361 21mm AKC302 3/8" Flex Head
A14362 22mm AKC303 3/8" DR Spark Plug Sockets
A14448 8mm AKC304 3/8" DR Spark Plug Sockets
A14449 9mm    

Standard and deep sockets. Packaged in a vacuum formed insert in a metal storage case. EVA schematic diagram with all contents listed in the lid. Vacuum formed insert printed with socket sizes and details.

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